Bryan, Adrienne, Baby Jay and Belle

Monday, March 23, 2009

All in all

Checking out the pond!

They did this the whole time! This was before they RAN over me!

They played in the water

And bit eachothers ears

Swam together

Ran together

I need a break MOM!

The new car

Side view

Love it!

we had a nice little Saturday. I took pictures of my new car which is my first new car EVER! So excited and that morning we decided it would be fun to take Belle down to the pond with us while Bryan cut some grass. Well the only problem is Decoy was down there and they haven't seen eachother in quite a while so needless to say they were wild and inseparable. They even managed to completely knock me off of my feet as they ran together around the pond (they don't pay attention to us they just play). Anyways some pictures...

More from Atlanta....

Ready to see Britney!!!

Taylor's cute outfit!!

Me and the stingray!

I loved that fish...i called it the AFRO fish!

My favorite picture!

Me and Tay in front of the tank

The "peep-a-boo" shower in our hotel room...a little ackward with 2 girls HA!

I was talking to Beth when we FINALLY got to our hotel... two words "atlanta traffic"!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The morning after the concert in our Britney Spears shirts

In the lobby at our hotel

At the concert with my loot!

Britney on our side of the stage in the cage!

Britney entering from the ceiling!

On our way to the arena!

Me and my best friend Taylor always said if Britney Spears had a concert near us we would go. Well she had a concert in Atlanta this past week so we decided now is the time! We followed the "rules" and did not bring our camera into the arena so the pictures you see are on Taylor's Blackberry (the zoom was messed up and it made us look like we were very far away from the stage...but honestly we were close). We actually SAW Britney Spears. It was awesome! We also went to the Georgia Aquarium which I will post pictures of later b/c we took most of our pictures on Taylor's camera!