Bryan, Adrienne, Baby Jay and Belle

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mommy's Don't Get SICK!

I've decided that Mommy's should never get sick! This was my first time being sick with a little one and it was HORRIBLE! I missed kissing and snuggling him SOOO bad that I cried! Bryan was so helpful but completely exhausted after taking care of two babies all day :) Thank God for my husband! Jay is up on all fours and rocking back and forth but not quite getting anywhere...he is very frustrated with that! He also has been teething for the past 3-4 days all through his parent's sickness and officially has a tooth in!

Jay with his pal Griffin in the hospital!
Jay and Great-Grandaddy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jay 5 Months

Ok ok...time flies when your having fun! I'm definitely going to start blogging more so I can remember the sweet/aggravating things Jay does on a weekly basis...

So far:
*He can roll over...and over and over
*He can eat his feet
*He can sit supported
*He is ticklish EVERYWHERE
*He's personality is me...he is hyper and a social butterfly as long as someone is paying him attention he is A.OK.
*He likes playing in his exersaucer
*He is eating 7-8 times a day which makes a TIRED Momma BUT he starts real food in a month!
*And he is sleeping AT LEAST 8 hours at one time a night!

A few pictures for fun:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My first Mother's Day/26th Birthday

Bryan snapped this after church on my you can see I can only fit my feet into 2 pairs of yellow box flip I work with them :) I received my first Mother's Day cards from Bryan and his parents and a flower from church and I also got a couple of birthday cards and a portable hammock from Bry for my birthday! All in all...a VERY GOOD DAY! And the best part of that weekend was that Saturday my brother, his wife, and River came by to spend the afternoon with me! She is such a cute munchkin...I couldn't get a GREAT picture of her because my wonderful husband likes our house to look like a cave inside! But this is one I'll share:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

James Bryan Cox IV

I had to share some cute 4D pictures that were made yesterday, I have to say he looks just like his daddy! Today I am officially 30 weeks and 2 days so getting closer and I'm super excited to have my first shower at church this Sunday! Can't wait to see what cute things Baby Jay gets!

Friday, December 10, 2010

So far...

Well I went to my second prenatal appointment the Monday after Thanksgiving and he looked at my ultrasound from the first appointment and said I was measuring 7 days earlier so he changed my due date to June 14th instead of the June 7th. I think that can change throughout the pregnancy and I'm just hoping Baby Cox will just come when he/she's ready! And by the way I'll be out of my first trimester this Tuesday...thank goodness!

We are going to a place in Pensacola around 15-16weeks to see if we can get a sneak peek on the gender of the baby. It will be me and Bry's little Christmas gift to eachother, so here's to hoping they the baby cooperates...please pray he/she does!

I'll try to blog more often from now on so keep popping in!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Cox is on it's way...

(Isn't my blob cute?)

I just knew the next time I updated my blog it would be that I was pregnant. And I was hoping it would be sooner rather than later :) But Bry and I are super excited about this little baby and wanted to share with whoever still reads my blog that I don't update :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I went to BAHSTAN....

These pictures aren't in order but this pic above is at the Boston Public Gardens!

The Swans!

A place I walked at early in the morning before we left Sunday! By the way tried to find this place Thursday morning and got lost in Boston...on foot...a little scarey!

Me and Bry in the Boston Public Gardens

More of the Garden

Harvard Square!

During the Boston Red Sox/Yankees Game

Smile Beth and Dustin

Me and Bry

Me and Beth before the game!

This picture needs an explanation....this picture was technically taken "illegally" b/c I tried to take it during the day and a security guard reprimanded me and my mother-in-law that we were not allowed to take pictures in the mall....ugh! So when no one was looking I made Bry take a picture that is why I'm looking a little shy b/c Bry said he wasn't going to jail so I could take a picture with a Britney Spears poster HA!

View from our hotel room

Sorry this post is a little late but about 3 weeks ago I spent 5 beautiful HOT days in Boston, MA. I went with Bryan and his parents...up to Boston for a work trip (Beth and Dustin also met us up there for a day or two). It was very different and I definitley decided that I would NEVER live there, but it was a GREAT experience!!! And I also remembered how much I HATE flying during this trip also, that is just something I will never get used to! We were also lucky enough to catch the Red Sox/Yankees baseball game while we were there! The whole time I was just looking for Kate Hudson...I was determined I was going to meet a celebrity during the whole trip. When I got home and checked I missed seeing all of them by a couple of hours....