Bryan, Adrienne, Baby Jay and Belle

Friday, December 19, 2008

It hit me today...

I MISS COLLEGE! I know it was a rough 4 years at Troy, but I just have been overwhelemed lately of how much I miss Troy and my best friend Taylor. I don't miss having to just see Bryan on the weekends and the long trips to Auburn...but I miss staying up late watching tv shows, staying up late in general ( I go to bed at like 9:00 now), going to Sonic to get our buy one get one free sandwichs, playing SORRY (the board game) at night, fights with Taylor's boyfriend Brandon, sitting out on our patio in the breezeway, being scared to death by a foreign man with a gun shooting squirrels outside our window (it ended up being a pelat gun),....I could go on forever. All in all I had a great part-time job and I worked my tail off to get through College and at Add Imagethe time I just wanted to marry Bryan and get into the real world. I love where I am right now (married, dog, house, great job) don't get me wrong...but sometimes I just miss it! Hope someone feels the same way!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Don't use your Debit Card Online...

Well the reason I have a new blog all results from Sunday finding out that our debit card number was stolen from the internet and used to purchase many rather humorous things. When we received an overdraft for our checking account (we knew that couldn't be right) we tried for about an hour to get a Regions sales associate on the phone ( i was in tears, Bryan was getting aggravated at me). To say the least when we did get in touch with a person (Linda from somewhere) Bryan said "Praise the Lord Linda thank you for picking up!". I had to take off work Monday to be able to go and report everything and fill out a police report. The stupid criminal keeps sending items that he/she purchased to our address so we've had to pay to return all the items. All in all, the thief didn't spend that much is just a hassle and a little scarey!!! Anyway we changed all of our passwords and I also had about 3 email accounts other than my work email so I got rid of those and got a gmail account, which resulted in my blog getting deleted. I didn't know that both Myspace and Blogger needed to send a confirmation to my old email addresses (which I deleted) so I had to delete that too. Let's just say yesterday was not a GREAT day. Anyway all is well and I will get over it. I just wanted to CAUTION everyone!!! I'll work on getting everything fixed. What an ordeal! Thank you GOD for bringing us through could have been a lot worse!